Veteran-owned and operated, we at Jet Recruiting work hard to deliver qualified candidates to our clients in the Architecture & Engineering arenas. Bringing our military core values of integrity and discipline to every search, we strive to become a collaborative partner and continued resource for our clients.

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Our Process

Understanding your needs

  • 01

    We learn your business objective, culture and expertise – and then focus on quickly understanding your most critical hiring needs.

  • 02

    Your assigned recruiter begins a search for qualified candidates and maintains you updated on the status of your search.


  • 01

    We use our industry relationships, referrals, candidate databases, and direct recruiting techniques to seek candidates for your role – leaving no stone unturned.

  • 02

    We carefully vet and qualify each candidate, paying close attention to job stability, degrees/experience, certifications, software proficiency and references.

  • 03

    After selecting the most qualified candidates, we provide a presentation of each professional followed by their resume – highlighting their availability, strengths/expertise, project list and soft skills.


We handle all the time-consuming hiring tasks so you can save time and focus on what you do best: operating your business. We deliver smarter, faster matches and save you time by effectively pre-screening candidates.

We can help you build the motivated workforce that keeps your business growing